Create a Sensational Space Scene

Kids love how fascinating space is, so will really enjoy making our sensational 3D space scene complete with brave astronauts, planets, a rocket, stars and a lunar module! We also share our favorite astronaut costume ideas, for excellent imaginative playtime.

How to Make the Scene

You Will Need:

A box (we recommend a shoe box)
Card or paper
Black paper or paint
Silver foil paper/card
A silver pen (optional)
Silver thread
Wired cord (optional)
A cocktail stick
Some small stones or gravel (optional)


1. Download the print outs here and print onto card (or paper and then stick onto card). Cut them out with scissors. Each icon has a front and back. If you want, you can color in the silver parts with a silver pen or you can cut out some silver foil paper/card and glue it on.

2. Find a shoe box sixed box. Line the box with black paper (or paint it black).

3. For each icon ­find the front and back and glue together with some silver thread in-between, so you can hang them in the box. For the rocket you can create the tail by folding it in half and then cutting along the dotted lines to make fringing. Next glue in-between the front and back of the rocket. Glue the rings of the planets in a similar way, in-between the front and back of the planet. You can create a more 3D effect by slightly bending out the rings.

4. Create the lunar module and second astronaut. Fold the lunar module in half so that it can stand up. Glue the flag to a cocktail stick by adding glue to the back of the flag and folding it around the cocktail stick. Glue this to the hand of the astronaut and make him stand up by folding his base along the dotted lines.

5. Work out where you want to put everything in your scene and then make some holes in the top of the box, poke the thread through and secure with tape, or you can attach the thread to the inside of the top of the box with tape (if you don’t want to make holes in the box). You can attach the astronaut to the rocket with some silver thread or cord (preferably wired) so it looks like he’s taking a spacewalk!

6. Now you can fi­ll in some of the gaps in the scene by glueing the smaller stars to the inside of the box on the back and sides.

7. If you want, you can now add some small stones or gravel to the base of the box to create the surface of the moon, and then add the lunar module and the second astronaut.

1. Space Prints 2. Mini Astronaut Suitcase 3. Space Enamel Pins 4. Space Tattoos 5. Robot Mesh Backpack
6. Space Voyager Patches 7. To The Moon Large Tattoos

Dress Like An Astronaut

The space scene may well inspire your little astronauts to dress up as a space-explorers, for some intergalactic fun. Check out these ideas.

Blast Off with a Jet Pack

Super easy to make and so effective – all you’ll need are 2 empty soda bottles, paint, glue, tissue paper and ribbon. Click here for the instructions.

Create a Space Helmet

Go here for easy instructions on how to make a helmet in varying ways - out of a paper bag, with paper mache, using a plastic bucket or a plastic container.

Design a Simple Space Suit

Coveralls are the easiest way to create one, onto which you can sew lots of space themed patches and add shiny pins. Check out our Space Voyager patches and our charming set of 3 enamel space pins, featuring a rocket, star and planet.

One Small Step for Mankind

Silver space boots are fabulous to take big space steps in. Why not cover galoshes or moon boots with silver foil? Or you can use silver fabric, click here for details.

If you want a space themed party, we’ve got loads of fantastic party supplies including plates, cups, napkins, a cupcake kit, a foil rocket balloon and a magnificent garland with honeycomb planets. Our Mini Astronaut Suitcase, a little rocket decorated suitcase with an amazing astronaut wearing a jet pack inside, makes a wonderful gift for a birthday boy or girl.

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