Fun Ways to Decorate Balloons

Balloons are a fabulous way to make any birthday party, baby shower or special celebration look sensational. For extra effect, why not decorate them to look even more spectacular? You can individualize them for the birthday boy or girl, or to fit a particular party theme. We've got four fabulous ideas for you to try.

1. Photo Balloons

At the end of each balloon string tie photographs of friends and family who are attending the party. This will really make your guests feel loved! Place two photographs back to back, so you get to see different images as the strings spin around. Perfect for a graduation party. Or, for a birthday party, hang photographs of the birthday boy and girl taken over the years, and/or with their friends and family.

For an anniversary, engagement or wedding, use a selection of photographs of the happy couple – a beautiful way to celebrate their romance! You can also add hearts and other decorations on to the balloon strings too for a more elaborate decoration.

2. Hanging Decorations

Garlands and tassels will look wonderful tied to your balloons. If you find the weight of the decorations are pulling the balloons down or around, then tie the strings onto party favors (which you’ve stuck to a surface with tape) to keep them in place. Choose from leatherette letters, or glittery letters and numbers.

3. Sticker Balloons

Use alphabet stickers to add an initial, or spell out a name or celebratory message like, “Welcome Baby” for a baby shower. It’s a good idea to tape the balloons with the message on to the wall, or secure tightly with string, to prevent the message spinning around - or you could put the letters on both sides, so they are seen from all angles!

4. Flower Balloons

Choose bright or pastel flowers or a mix of both for a stunning result. Perfect for any party where you want a stylish touch, like a tea party, baby shower (you could have pink or blue flowers if you want a gender reveal! Or both colors if you’re keeping the gender a surprise), an engagement, wedding or anniversary party.

Here’s how to make a fabulous flower chain decoration:

First, tie a large flower around the balloon tie using thin wire. Next, make a flower chain by making a slit in one stem and threading the next through and so on. Tie this to the neck of the balloon using wire too, and thread around the balloon string. Use large helium balloons for this as they hold the weight of the flowers best.

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