Paper Dolls – Make Ruby

Our talented designers have spent hours letting the magic of Meri Meri inspire them to create something wonderful. The result? They’ve crafted amazing paper dolls for everyone to enjoy, based on our best-selling fabric dolls. They’ve also designed gorgeous paper doll clothes and accessories, for stylish looks and activities.

We’re delighted to present the download for Ruby. Do take a look at our other paper doll templates in the stories section, for Lila, Matilda, Carolyn and Harry, too.

The Remarkable Ruby

Download and print our Ruby paper doll and two pages of her clothes and accessories onto card (or print onto normal paper and stick onto card).

All our fabric dolls come with details of the things they most like, and these fabulous paper dolls do too. Ruby likes baking and reading. So, our Ruby paper doll comes with lots of baking goodies and items to print and cut out, including donuts, cookies, cupcakes, a whisk, rolling pin, and oven glove. There’s also a mini copy of the 'The Secret Garden' so Ruby can enjoy a good reading session.

Ruby loves to dress up in lots of different outfits, so kids can have a great time changing her clothes for various activities. Is Ruby going to a party? Pop on her pretty pink party dress and a party hat. Is she in the mood for fun? Then she’ll look sensational with the cat ear headband, fairy wings, unicorn horn headband, rainbow glasses or star headdress. So many choices to mix and match! Does she want to look effortlessly chic? Dress her in a rainbow skirt or one with charming confetti designs, with a classic top.

Wonderful Washing Line Storage

A fantastic way to keep Ruby’s clothes and accessories neat and tidy, when she’s not wearing and using them, is to store them on a little clothes line. Simply use string, or a piece of clothes line, and mini brads as pegs. Secure with tape onto a wall, shelf or wardrobe.

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