Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Does your kiddo love playing dress-up? Maybe they never miss an opportunity to don their crime-busting gear and play their favorite superhero, especially when it’s time for a knockout birthday party. But with birthday power, comes birthday planning responsibility!

Here are some ideas to channel your very own superpowers and transform a standard shindig into a party fit for a hero.

Caped Crusader Dress Up Corner

What better way to test your kid's lightning quick costume changing skills, than with a dedicated dress-up space? Amidst the superhero party decorations and hanging Zap! Garlands, kit out your corner with a mix of superhero capes, outfits and face paints. Not to mention these zany Zap! Masks.

Party guests will relish the chance to transform into their favorite masked conqueror... or nemesis.

A Superhero Snack Station

When your party guests start to tire from their world-saving actions, get them to refuel at a super-themed snack station.

Any party food can be transformed into a super-power source. Load up these Zap! Plates with foods fit for a hero. From sandwiches that pack a punch and fizzing soda in these electrifying Zap! Cups, to fruit cups packed with SUPERfoods, it won’t be long before crime-fighting is back on the party agenda.

Just don’t forget the cake and green jello (hello kryptonite) for a dollop of energy. They’re going to need it for some epic masked superhero games!

Noble Obstacle Course

Your party heroes can save the world with the addition of this action-packed obstacle course. And the best part about this superhero birthday party game? You can use just about anything for the obstacles themselves – think cardboard boxes, and pillows!

You’ll witness some courageous moves, as they try challenges ranging from ball throwing and leaping over dangerous enemy barriers, before making their way through cardboard box walls with one swift KaPow!

Reward your spectacular saviors with a homemade treat, courtesy of this Zap! Cupcake Kit. Victory has never tasted so sweet.

Heroes Vs Villains Balloon Pop

Bam! Krunch! Pop? That’s right. A great way to showcase some superhero party decorations is by blowing up a bunch of party balloons and getting the kids to draw on faces. Kind ones for the good guys and evil expressions for their arch nemesis’.

The mini masked-marvels will delight in popping all of the villainous balloons as fast as they can, and making sure the heroic ones stay inflated. Whoever ends up with the most deflated bad guys win. Not only do these make awesome superhero party decorations, but they ensure some daring competition in the fight against crime.

Powerful Party Favors

No superhero birthday party would be complete without party favors. Give your valiant kiddos a mighty take home Zap! Party Bag stuffed full of candy and toys. Oh, and don’t forget to include a little bit of that magical birthday cake from earlier. They’ll need it for more crime-fighting capers once they get back home.

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