How To Host A Magical Fairy Birthday Party

Whether hosting an intimate garden gathering with friends or a large party with classmates, a fairy birthday party is a stylish yet classic party theme to consider. In this guide to throwing an exquisite fairy party, we’ve got plenty of tips and advice on how to make it the best, including magical party food and decoration ideas.

1. Organise the Invitations

When it comes to hosting, getting the little details right is key. Once you’ve decided on a time and place for your fairy birthday party, the next step is to send out the invitations. You can encourage your kids to help craft unique homemade cards, or to make your party-planning easier, simply use one of Paperless Post’s various customisable designs – we adore the Fairy Enchanted Forest that our wonderful studio has created! A mindful alternative to traditional paper cards, this method of inviting guests reduces paper wastage in a uniquely stylish manner.

2. Create An Enchanted Fairyland

Once the guest list has been finalised, it’s time to decorate! Arguably the most fun part of the party-planning process, this is when you can unleash your creativity and make the party an enviable place to be. For a fairy party inside or outside, we recommend incorporating plenty of nature-inspired embellishments, such as mushroom decor and flower garlands. Our design team have created these wow-factor Mushroom Paper Lanterns and Honeycomb Mushroom Decorations that pair well with our Pastel Flower Wall. For a quick table centerpiece, use a few of our Fairy Concertina Cards and place them along the middle of the table.

For a magical kids’ party, use our Fairy Plates that feature gorgeously illustrated fairies and woodland motifs on a soft pink background. Alongside the matching cups and napkins, these tableware pieces will be a hit amongst the little ones!

For a grown-up take on the fairy tablescape, combine our Ballet Slipper and Periwinkle Plates with Ditsy Floral tableware for an elevated look. To enhance your tablescape further, use fresh seasonal flowers in assorted vases and pair with our Pastel or Rainbow Table Candles.

3. Fairy Food

We recommend that you organise your menu in advance so you can prepare the ingredients and double check allergies with plenty of time to spare. For both kids and adults, miniature tea sandwiches with delicious fillings that are presented on a tiered afternoon tea stand will go down a treat, and fairy cakes made with our bestselling Fairy Cupcake Kit will delight the eyes and tastebuds of your guests!

Create fruit fairy wands by adding strawberries, grapes, and blueberries onto wooden skewers (take care to cut the ends off!) and create plates full of crudites as a simple snack. Our founder, Meredithe Stuart-Smith, adores these meringue mushrooms as a dessert.

4. With A Wave of My Wand…

No fairy party would be complete without its fairy guests and host. For a classic fairy costume, simply attach some wings over your clothes and wear a pretty floral headband or become a fairy princess by wearing our luxury Rainbow Ruffle Princess Costume under the wings. If you would prefer a modern twist, combine beautiful pastel dresses with elegant hairdos, complete with butterfly or floral hair accessories. To add the finishing touch, use shimmering face paint or makeup to paint glitter on eyelids and cheekbones.

For a fun party activity, create a temporary tattoo station and place Fairy Tattoos on your guests’ arms – they’ll love their little illustrated friends! Offer your guests a Pink Floral headband to wear during the festivities which then can then take home as a party favor alongside extra temporary tattoos.

5. Create Memorable Fairy Tale Moments

We’ve devised several entertaining activities for you to do during your fairy party. Guests will treasure creating a fairy garden to take home – using small trays and our guide to a Fairy Garden Craft, encourage them to make their own magical fairyland. For younger guests, create a storybook corner using plush pillows and blankets, and read one of your favorite fairy tales (we love the classic story of Snow White, or the Rainbow Magic books!).

Alternatively, organize a watch party of the animated Tinkerbell films or for older audiences, watch the iconic Labyrinth film or Stardust. Fairy coloring pages are also a popular activity to do for children of all ages.

We would love to see how your fairy parties turn out!
Send pictures of your event to – @merimeriparty.

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