Free Craft Activity: Father’s Day Robot Card

Show dad how much you care with this super cute print out and make robot card for Father’s Day on June 16

You Will Need:

A printer
Lightweight card
Glue stick
Pen or pencils

How To Make The Robot Card...

1. Print out the robot pages and cut around the card outline.

2. Fold the paper in half widthways, with the stars on the outside, taking care to line up the corners neatly.

3. Use a pair of scissors to carefully cut along the two parallel lines. Then fold the cut tab one way and then the other (see photo instructions for this step).

4. Now open the paper and fold lengthways with the colours facing out. Lightly glue the edges and corners on the inside so that the two halves sandwich together neatly. Next fold the paper widthways, this time with the stars inside.

5. Invert the cut tab section of paper and close your card again along the crease. When you open up the card, the inverted section should stand upright in the crease of the card making the pop out for your robot.

6. Now carefully cut out your robot’s body.

7. Glue the base of the robot to the folded tab. Line the feet up carefully with the bottom of the fold so that the robot fits and hides inside when the card is folded.

8. Now write your own special message inside the card or cut and stick one of the greetings.

9. Cut out an envelope, fold along the dashed lines and glue the side tabs. Address the envelope.

10. Pop the card inside the envelope ready for Father’s Day.

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