Guide to Temporary Tattoos for Kids

Temporary tattoos can be a total hit with the kids! From adding that extra something to a fancy dress outfit, to creating the perfect party favor, temporary tattoos are a fun way to experiment with cool designs and bring guests together.

How to apply temporary tattoos

When it comes to applying them, it couldn’t be more simple.

1. Carefully cut around the desired design and remove the clear top sheet.
2. Place the tattoo face down on the skin.
3. Apply even pressure to the tattoo backing using a wet sponge.
4. Press down with the sponge for at least 60 seconds and then gently slide off the paper.

Match temporary tattoos to your party theme

A Magical Wonderland

Does your little one believe in fairies? Well, with these beautifully illustrated stick-on Fairy Tattoos, they can have their very own pastel fairy sidekick on their arm to accompany them to the most spellbinding party in town.

Whether your child is off to a unicorn-themed birthday party or hosting their very own, these Unicorn Rainbow Tattoos make the perfect party favor. Add these magical unicorns and brightly colored rainbows into party bags along with candy and toys.

Sailing The Seas

If you’re feeling like throwing a unique underwater birthday party for your little one, why not incorporate a birthday tattoo parlor? Set up a temporary tattoo booth and arm yourself with our fearsome Pirate Bounty Tattoos. When it comes to party fun, they will have you covered… quite literally.

Throw these Jawsome Tattoos into the mix for those kids who fancy diving into the depths of the mighty sea, or our Mermaid Tattoos for little ones who would love to explore an underwater world!

Pirates Bounty Large Tattoos

Space Explorers

Send your kiddo on a mission to host the best gathering there ever was. Alongside tattooing your mini astronauts, why not use these children’s temporary tattoos as table decorations? Add these jazzy Space Tattoos to your cups, bowls and plates, letting your child decorate their own as part of the fun!

Embellished with shiny silver and gold foil, these robots and rockets will make an extra sparkly impression on your chosen partyware.

Space Tattoo Sheets

Dinosaur Adventures

Or, if the weather is nice and sunny, why not invite guests to take part in a Jurassic quest by setting up a hunt for dinosaur toys? With our Dinosaur Tattoos, your little adventurers will be ready to find some roarsome dinos!

Pop our temporary tattoos for kids, with lots of dynamic dinosaur designs, into your dinosaur party bags.

Mix and Match

If you haven't got an exact party theme, it's no problem. Why not grab a selection of kids temporary tattoos and display them in a big bowl or pin to a notice board? This way, the kids can pick their favorite temporary tattoo design!

For animal lovers and adventurous little ones, check out our colorful Safari Trek Tattoos, adorable Animal Parade Tattoos and sweetly-illustrated Cat Tattoos. Our Fun Icon Temporary Tattoos are ideal for dance parties, or our Making Magic Tattoos are perfect for your little magicians, all within our our collection page for you to explore!

Mermaid Large Tattoos

How to remove temporary tattoos

1. Pour some baby oil into a plastic bowl

2. Soak a large piece of cotton wool in the baby oil.

3. Hold the cotton wool over the tattoo for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. Use a dry piece of cotton wool to gently rub away the stick-on tattoo.

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