How to Use Iron-On Patches: Trends and Inspiration

Iron-on fabric patches can transform ordinary clothing. From personalized creations to peekaboo patches, you can come up with all sorts of inspired pieces. To take part in your own inexpensive and fun patch project, simply explore the awesome fabric patch ideas below.

A-Z Patches Creations

Why not use iron-on embroidered patches to create the perfect gift for your loved one? There's no better way than with a slogan of self-expression or a personalized initial patch. There’s even an exclamation point patch, for when something really needs to be said!

Plus, you could spell out your little one’s name with a few of these iron-on rainbow patches. At least you know they won't get lost in a crowd.

The fabric patches aren’t just for kids either. Why not take them and make something special for yourself? If you're tired of seeing the same old denim or fancy customizing a jacket or handbag, grab some of these fabric patches and get decorating!

A Little Extra Embellishment

Want to know one of the great things about iron-on patches? They don't just have to be jean specific. So even your tiniest little one can take part in the fun!

From leggings to tights, custom iron-on patches can add extra pizazz to any outfit. Try our butterfly, glitter heart patches or super cute popsicle patches to jazz up an otherwise ordinary item of clothing for your infant in our fabric patches collection.


If you're the proud parent, friend or relative of super cool kiddos, you'll know how much they love going on messy adventures. Unfortunately, this isn't good news for their jeans. But with the help of some animal friends, you can create something even better than before.

From purrfect cats, fantastic foxes and adorable lobsters, inject a little animal magic into those ripped knees, with these friendly faces and easy steps:

1. Turn the jeans inside out, placing your chosen patch behind the rip. Place a cloth on top.

2. Make sure your iron is super hot and press firmly against the patch for 45 seconds.

3. Turn the garment inside-out and repeat.

As simple as that, you’ll have animals peeking out from behind those jeans. Try these jawsome iron-on Dinosaur Patches for a roaring success!

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