How to Create the Best Camp Care Package

Summer camp season is coming up. Ensure your kids feel loved with a camp care package that includes all the ingredients to make them feel super special. In this guide to camp care packages, we’ve compiled several ideas on how to create the best one for your kids to enjoy during their time away.

A Handwritten Note

No matter if it’s short or long, a lovely heartfelt letter for your child is one of the best things you can send them in their care package and is a keepsake that they’ll treasure for years even after they leave camp. As well as one in their care package, we recommend sending them a letter a few days before they arrive at camp, so it will be waiting for them in their bunk – it’s like giving them a big hug on their first day.

Send Them a Delicious Treat

When they have settled into their campsite, your kids will be delighted to discover that they’ve been sent a favorite homemade treat that they can eat during their time away from home. Check your child’s camp guidelines before sending off a snack, but if you can, then your little one will greatly appreciate you taking the time to make or send them something to eat. Homemade cookies are fantastic to include, as well as crackers and granola bars (but be mindful of things that are perishable or will melt in the heat!).

Camping In Style

Whether they’re giving their new friends a makeover or dressing to impress during evening events, sending your kids to camp with wow-factor accessories is a necessity. These Rainbow Hair Clips will be a hit with campers of all ages, especially when paired with a statement outfit.

Another accessory to include in their camp care package is temporary tattoos! Easy to apply and endlessly stylish, there are temporary tattoos for every interest. We love these Fun Icon Tattoos for tweens and our Dinosaur or Fairy tattoos for younger kids.

Bunk Decorations

To help make their bunk a home away from home, sending your kids to camp with some picture-perfect decor will help them to feel comfortable during their sleepaway summer. For example, a poster of their favorite music artist, TV show, or sports team will not only make it feel like their own space but will encourage conversation amongst their bunkmates.

Another popular decoration to include is battery-operated fairy lights that will make their bunk feel cozy (provided this complies with camp regulations), and kids should always pack their own pillow, so they have a little piece of home with them. If approved by the camp rules, why not send them some Crepe Paper Streamers or Bunting to decorate their bunk?

A Friend to Remind Them of Home…

No matter how old they are, having a soft toy to keep them company will make sleeping away from home much easier. For younger kids and first-time campers, we recommend dolls such as the Jade Mermaid Doll or Gemma Princess Doll.

Arts and Crafts for Free Time

During their downtime, kids will need summer camp games and activities to entertain them or to help them relax. Something important to include is plenty of stationery, such as a notebook and coloring pencils, so they can write home during the summer and keep a diary of their fun experiences! You can even write a little note in the front of their notebook telling them how much you love them, and they will treasure this reminder of you for their camping trip and beyond.

Pair their notebook with some fun stickers, such as these Mermaid Mini Stickers and Pastel Heart Glitter Stickers, or a Coloring Poster that can be displayed when finished. A classic activity for campers to do is play plenty of card games, from Go Fish to Snap! Simply purchase a deck of cards, found readily available at any discount store, and put in your kids’ take-away bag. For the quieter kids, don’t forget sending a book or two to read!

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