Peter Rabbit decorations are placed across a table, including Peter Rabbit plates, garlands, cups, party bags, and napkins. Peter Rabbit decorations are placed across a blue gingham tablecloth, including Peter Rabbit plates, garlands, cups, party bags, and napkins.
Animal Parade decorations, including colorful streamers and tableware with animal designs such as monkeys and lions, cover a table and surround a little child wearing a party hat.

2nd Birthday Ideas

Celebrate your little ones entering their toddler years with our collection of adorable animal parade tableware, bold construction-themed decorations, and vintage-inspired train partyware – sure to delight kids and adults alike!

A green balloon arch is placed over a table which has been decorated with honeycomb dinosaurs, dinosaur cups, and dinosaur toys.

5th Birthday Ideas

Whether they want to fly like a fairy, explore outer space, or become a circus artist, we have a theme suitable for every 5-year-old’s interest. Discover stylish fairy tableware, roar-some dinosaur décor, and space-themed party supplies.

Retro-inspired party decorations fill a room, including a honeycomb Fun Icons garland, retro plates and cups, and surprise balls as a young child stands with arms wide open in joy.

10th Birthday Ideas

Ten is a huge milestone for you and your child! From numbered candles to fun balloon garlands, show them you care with our elevated party decorations.

Red, pink, and white cakes are placed on cake stands and decorated with varying candles, including tall two-tone pink and red candles, number candles reading 16, and gold and pink-hued candles.

Sweet 16th Party

Your teen is growing up! Sixteen is bittersweet for parents but an exciting age for your teen. We have all the party supplies possible to ensure it's a grown-up and stylish bash.

Amid striped plates in yellow, blue, and green, a cake decorated with striped candles has been iced to read 'Happy Birthday 18'.

18th Party Supplies

An 18th birthday party demands a special celebration! Your teen is officially a grown-up. Indulge them with sophisticated birthday banners, balloons and partyware.

A purple cake with a cake topper reading '21' is surrounded by apple, lemon, and strawberry napkins with mocktails in tall glasses.

21st Birthday Ideas

Reaching adulthood is a rite of passage that deserves to be celebrated in style! From glittering balloon arches to number sparklers, make their 21st super special.

Pastel flower plates are stacked on top of each other and paired with floral cups and pink linen napkins amid a paper floral backdrop.

30th Birthday Party

Three decades on earth means your party demands three times the fun! Celebrate with beautiful birthday banners, balloons and tableware.

A orange, yellow and blue garland reads 'Happy Birthday' with '40th' underneath, hanging above a table decorated with table candles and cupcakes with colorful compostable plates.

40th Birthday Supplies

Looking for 40th birthday ideas? Go for a special theme like red (rubies are associated with the number 40) or take your pick from our popular party supplies – either way, we have it covered.

Scallop-edged compostable plates in varying pastel shades are paired with vanilla and soft pink table candles alongside pink linen napkins, and a small cake is topped with sparkler number candles reading '50'.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Reaching five decades on earth should to be celebrated in style! Gold is associated with the number 50 so why not go for a shimmering metallic theme?

English Garden plates and party hats are placed with pastel table candles below a floral 'Happy Birthday' garland amidst a pastel flower wall.

60th Birthday Party Supplies

Sixty is the new 40 and a great time to relive your youth! From pompom party hats to honeycomb garlands, we have a range of fun partyware perfect for the occasion.

Honeycomb decorations, linen napkins, plates, and cups in varying shades of pastel blue and green are placed on and around a table.

70th Birthday Celebrations

Three score years and ten? The perfect excuse for a big birthday bash. Celebrate with party hats, birthday banners and special partyware.

A gold bar cart is decorated with pastel pink Ladurée tableware, including plates, cups, and napkins alongside a pastel pink floral garland and soft pink table candles.

80th Birthday Party Ideas

Becoming an octogenarian is cause for celebration! Decorate the table with our paper plates, napkins and cups, and use gorgeous garlands for instant effect.