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Free Craft Activity: Carnival Mask

With a season of carnivals throughout Europe ahead from Cadiz to Venice, now is the perfect opportunity for kids to dress up

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You Will Need:

Lightweight card or paper
Sticky tape or glue
Colouring pens, crayons, paint
Glitter, jewels, feathers (optional)
Approx 35cm of elastic or a stick handle
Hole punch (optional)

How To Make:

1. Print out your mask onto lightweight card.

2. Carefully cut out the mask and the two eye holes.

3. If you have chosen the blank mask, use bright felt tips and paint to colour and decorate with whatever you like.

4. Add glitter and jewels to embellish your mask if you wish.

5. You can also add a cluster of feathers to the top of your mask. If colouring in blank feathers, you could make them solid colours or add designs such as stripes and swirls.

6. Cut out the feathers and attach them to the top of the mask using glue or sticky tape.

7. To make your mask wearable, use a hole punch to punch out the small circles at each side. Or ask an adult to use a craft knife to make a small slit.

8. Thread a length of elastic through each hole and tie securely. If you don’t have elastic, you can use ribbon or string.

9. Alternatively, you can attach a stick if you wish to hold your mask to your face rather than tying it around your head. You can use a pencil, dowel or chopstick to make a handle and attach this to the back using sticky tape.

10. Now you are carnival ready!

How about holding a carnival procession with your friends and family? Dress up, play some carnival music and have a dance!

We would love to see your carnival masks – please share them on Instagram at @merimeriparty.

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