Hosting a frighteningly good Halloween party but not sure just how to deck out your haunted house? We’ve created 10 wicked halloween home decor ideas to transform your interior from chic to shriek...


1. Magic Black Cat Wreath

To get your party guests in a delightfully superstitious mood before they’ve even knocked on your door, create a unique Halloween wreath. 

Head out onto the pre-trick or treated streets and pick up a cheap wreath from your local store. Be sure to grab some black fabric to wrap around until it’s covered. You’ll also need some gold pipe cleaners (for whiskers, naturally) and some furry fabric of your choice to cut out ears. Once you’ve assembled your cat features to the wreath, tie some black ribbon to the top and hang away. Then see who is the bravest to enter first…

Build on the lucky black cat theme with our purr-fect Black Cat Dress-up Kit for your little one and this handy Black Cat Backpack, ideal for filling with delicious candy!

 2. Dark Hanging Garlands

This Halloween party decoration idea is minimum work for maximum effect. Get set to truly wow your visitors once these garlands are hanging from every sinister nook and cranny.

Head outside with the kids and ask them to assist you in collecting as many crisp, fall leaves as they can find. Then, lay down some dust sheets and bring out the black spray paint. Make sure to cover all of your carefully chosen leaves before piercing a hole in the center of each one (a pen or pencil will do). Thread some string through the holes, leaving a gap of 1 inch, and distribute around your home — if you dare!

You could even team up with our Spider Web Garland for maximum effect. You’ll find 8 creepy honeycomb spiders, silver holographic foil cobwebs, and 14 letter pennants inside.


 3. Boo Balloon Garland

Fright and delight in equal measure with this simply boo-tiful garland. Ask for a willing helping hand as you string up the foil letters and haunting honeycomb balls, ready for your night of spellbound entertaining. Get your Boo Balloon Garland here.

4. Spiced Pumpkin Candle

Fall is firmly in the air, and oh, is that pumpkin spice you can smell? It sure will be when your haunted house is all lit up with these perfectly pungent pumpkins!

You’ll need:

  • Mini pumpkins
  • Soy wax flakes
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Cinnamon
  • Cotton wicks

 You’ll do:

  • Line your work surface with plastic wrap – perfect for easy clean up at the end!
  • Carefully slice the top off of the pumpkin using a sharp knife.
  • Get digging and hollow out the pumpkin! You may need to use a little force to scoop out all of the ghoulish innards.
  • Press the base of the wick into your empty pumpkin.
  • Place your wax into a bowl and pop into the microwave in quick bursts until the wax is completely melted. Add a super sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice. One teaspoon should do the trick (or treat), then pour into your pumpkin(s), holding the wick straight.
  • Leave to cool and set for 2 hours.

For an extra treat, grate fresh cinnamon on top of the wax. Now it’s time to light, just in time for your party guests to arrive. You could even make this as a special treat for your party host.


5. Halloween Pinwheels

Pick up a couple of these gorgeous Halloween Pinwheel Decoration packs for the ultimate in Halloween decor. Hang them from the ceiling, stairway, and door frame for your ghoulish guests to glide on through.

What a wickedly wonderful entrance!


6. Spray Painted Pumpkin

The pumpkin takes center stage once more, this time as a magnificent centerpiece.
All you need for this little DIY project is a pretty spectacular pumpkin, some spray paint in black, silver, and gold, and then the rest is up to you! For an end result that rivals Beetlejuice, spray each segment in alternating black and silver sections, finishing with a gold stalk.


7. Sparkle Skull

Grab a styrofoam skull, some pearls, and glitter gems from your local craft store and get decorating! This one takes hardly any time at all. All you need to do is grab a hot glue gun and attach your chosen gems to the skull any way you like.

And there you have it. The undead never looked so stylish!

Up the fear factor with these hanging bones. They reflect light as they swing back and forth   from your haunted house, providing a watchful eye over your trick or treaters.

8. Bat out of Hell Napkin Rings

To complement your painted pumpkin table masterpiece, you’ll appreciate these stylish, and quick to create napkin rings.

All you need is some paper, black lace, scissors, orange napkins, a hot glue gun, and some black hair ties. Trace a bat onto some paper, place it onto your lace and cut around, making sure the wings are 2-3 inches tall. Using a blob of glue, fix these onto your hair ties and when set, wrap around your orange napkin. Repeat for as many cackling guests as you are expecting.


9. Halloween Balloon Kit


This awesome Halloween Balloon Kit is a really fun way to mix up decorating your house while getting that little bit creative.

And this DIY Halloween idea is definitely one to do with the little ones. Watch them get in the mood for their own trick or treating with this pack of 8 balloons, 4 wands, and some creepy self-adhesive character pieces. Now they have their own supernatural sidekick to ward off other trick or treaters.



10. Hanging Bats

To create a sense of chill up above, why not give these bloodcurdling bat garlands a try?

You’ll need:

  • Black felt
  • Black thread
  • Scissors
  • Orange fairy lights (optional)

 You’ll do:

  •  Grab your black felt and from a template, or freehand, cut out 10-15 individual bats.
  • Make sure to cut out small holes for their eyes.
  • Sew each bat together, with one long stitch running through its center in order to connect them all.
  • Drape over balconies, on your front porch, or at the top of each door frame of your gruesome grotto.
  • And for the most haunting spectacle of all? You can weave some orange fairy lights around the garland, inserting the glowing bulbs into the eerie eye holes.


So there you have it. Ten ways to treat, and trick, your fiendish friends and family at what is sure to be a night of hair-raising happenings they'll never forget...