How to Create a Unicorn Themed Party

Do you believe in Unicorns? You will once you’ve created the perfect Unicorn themed party! So, what do you need to take your house from everyday elegance to a forest filled with sparkle, rainbows, and magic?

Read on to find out how to make planning the perfect unicorn party an absolute breeze...

Unicorn Party Invitations and Dress-up

So you’ve set the date and sent out the invites. Check out these Paperless Post invites – eco-friendly and totally on theme if you haven’t quite got there yet! It’s time to move onto the next step. Whether your party is centered on a birthday or another celebratory affair, the first step toward being Unicorn-ready is deciding on your Unicorn partyware and dress-up. Here’s our favorite dress-up kit.

The best way to make your party pop is to choose an iridescent color theme. Think pale pink, purple, and blue pastels topped with a hint of sparkle aka Unicorn dust, of course!

Party Decorations

Now that you've chosen your mystical partyware, it's time to choose your decorations to really make this party sparkle and shine. To create the perfect whimsical wonderland, you’ll need everything from fairy lights and garlands to specially crafted balloons, like this beautiful Unicorn Balloon Kit.

This unique kit is the perfect addition to any themed party and will add a spellbinding sprinkle to your already spectacularly decorated home. With a choice of colors, balloon stickers, paper fringes, and horns, you can have plenty of fun with your kids while creating these special, inflatable sidekicks.

Tip: Try hanging glittering pink and gold streamers or Unicorn garlands from your ceiling, banister, and even your doorframe for the perfect entrance to a mystical and magical land ahead.

And for the final touch of dazzle, how about a fabulous Unicorn Piñata? It’s so pretty that you won’t want to see little hands break it open.

Unicorn Table Decor

And now it’s onto the main event… the party table. Starting with Unicorn plates of course. Laid out at each table setting, these gorgeous place settings will provide your guests with magical Unicorn powers. And the best thing? It’s super easy to create!

But what should surround these special plates? How about some Unicorn cupcakes?

Once they’ve cooled after baking, finish them off with some pastel colored frosting, Unicorn cupcake toppers, and dot them around your table for the perfect sweet treat.

Fun Party Games for Kids

It’s time to burn off all of that magical party food with some fun party games!

Take out those Unicorn horns again, because you're going to transform this well-known game of “pin the tail on the donkey” into a live event!

Instead of getting your eager participants to pin the horn onto a picture, you'll pinpoint a real-life Unicorn in the form of one of your guests and ask them to secure one of these glittering hornhats onto their heads - with the help of some adult hands, of course.

Tip: Remember that Unicorn Piñata from earlier? Now’s the time to bring it down and try to break it open! Delight in the fun that comes from your little Unicorns trying to get the delicious treats inside.

Unicorn Party Favors

When it comes to wishing your guests a magical goodbye, offer them some fab little take-home gifts. From stickers and stunning hair slides, to Unicorn iron-on patches and temporary kids tattoos, there's no better way to send them on their way than with all of these goodies tied up in a Rainbow Unicorn Party Bag.

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